Morning or evening ?  Science finally reveals the ideal time to shower

Morning or evening ? Science finally reveals the ideal time to shower

Is it better to take a shower? morning where is the evening ? This is a question you have probably thought about many times. Bathing timing ultimately depends on the individual’s routine. However, it is crucial to take into consideration various factors such as Effects on the skinon the immune system and Effect on sleep Before you make your decision! By taking all these criteria into account, scientists finally came up with an answer. there he is !

Benefits of morning shower

Showering in the morning has many benefits, such as boosting your immune system, improving circulation, enhancing digestion, and waking up feeling refreshed (especially with a cold shower!). From a hygiene point of view, morning showers also contribute to this Remove traces of sweat Excess sebum accumulated during the night.

In addition to its invigorating aspect, morning shower also provides the opportunity Plan your daySet your weekly goals and… Take a moment for yourself Before starting the day. However, there are various arguments against the idea of ​​showering in the morning. First, time can be a limiting factor, especially for those with busy mornings. Showering can take a while and may cause a delay if you get lost in thought. Above all, the benefits of washing in the evening are more numerous.

Scientists are researching the question

Dr. Giuseppe Aragona in statements reported by the magazine GraziaExplains why it is recommended to shower in the evening. “The main benefit of showering in the evening is that your body and hair can Allergens accumulate irritants from the air, Dirt And impurities, especially during the summer months due to pollen and chemicals. After a long day of sweating, moving between different modes of transportation and public places, we accumulate a lot of dirt that we bring home.

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During the winter, impurities in the air accumulate on the body and hair. Not showering in the evening increases the risk of transferring these impurities to your bed, making them worse Enhances nighttime sensitivityAnd itching Skin problemsLike acne caused by dirty sheets. Therefore, scientists believe that the main reason for bathing in the evening is health. But he’s not the only one.

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Benefits of showering in the evening

our Body temperature It starts normally Low in the evening And all night long. Bathing before bed briefly warms the skin and relaxes the muscles. However, once we dry, the skin cools quickly due to moisture evaporation. This could be a cooling effect Facilitate sleep. Therefore, scientists advise taking a shower an hour before bed.

In addition, there can also be an evening shower Relaxation rituals Mental and physical: It allows you to get rid of accumulated tensions before going to bed and promotes mental emptiness. Bathing duration may vary depending on individual needs and personal habits. However, experts agree that effective showering should only be Do not exceed 10 minutes. In fact, showering for too long can be harmful to the skin by eliminating the natural sebum that protects it. And of course the planet will thank you!

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