Moon and Sun Espace Séniors (Les Granges), 5 June 2021 – 5 June 2021, Saint-Jean.

Moon and sun
Espace Séniors (Les Granges), Saturday 5 June at 10:30 am
A woman with stars, a bird wing, a feather dancing at the end of a pin … The moon and sun show reveals the world of painter Joan Miró, the color of the sky and dreams like a pop-up book. Discoveries of sound, visual tricks or poetic manipulation: a sensitive and energetic approach to the colorful and luminous work of the Catalan painter to awaken the imaginations of young children. Cie: Mercimonchou Creation and Interpretation: Anna Thibaut and Sébastien Fenner Scenography: Sébastien Fenner Lighting: Michel-Luc Blanc Audience from 12 months – Duration 25 minutes – Free – upon registration in the Media Library in partnership with Haute-Garonne Administrative Media Library

Saint Jean

Seniors Space (Les Granges) Saint-Jean Saint-Jean

Starting and ending dates and times (year – month – day – hour):
2021-06-05 T10: 30: 00 2021-06-05 T11: 00: 00