CDF - Final - Final Coupe de France: Monaco-PSG Notes

CDF – Final – Final Coupe de France: Monaco-PSG Notes

CDF – final

Well organized and cool in the end, the Parisians won their 14th French Cup race against Monaco (2-0). French Football Ratings.

Monaco Notes

Ben Yedder caught on the Internet, 4
It has rarely been seen so extinct since its arrival in Monaco. Wissam Ben Yedder was put under cover by the stiff Marquinhos-Kehrer knuckle, and across the meeting like a shadow. The French international was unusually divorced from his attacking friends Julovin and Voland, and he tried desperately to win without being able to hold the ball. The former Tolucine seemed to be physically exhausted and uncomfortable, lacking oxygen. Released logically at the appointed time. If next weekend deadline is a must for ASM, the lackluster version presented by Monegasque 11 is disappointing.

Majecki 4

Sidibe 3

Daisy 3

Maripan 4

Aguilar 3 (Replaced by Diatta at 46, 4)

Shawamni 4

Fofana 3

Kayo Henrique 5

Golovin 4

Voland 3

Paris Saint-Germain ratings

Di Maria, first cold age, 6
Within this realistic and well-organized Paris Saint-Germain, Angel Di Maria was a key driver … defensive. Within 90 minutes of play, the Argentine international gave his body to the flag. Constantly pressing and aggressively at the four corners of the field, Merengue prevented the previous Monegasque hinge from being able to softly restart. By hitting defensive races and retreats, he completely covered his right lane. His choices of dribbling and passing are (almost) always the right ones. Like his delicious service to Kylian Mbappé target giving him a very symbolic statistic. Fideo became the best deciding pass in the history of Paris Saint-Germain. In legend.

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Navas 5

Florentine 5

Marcinius 6

Sweeper 6

Diallo 6

Walls 5

Pereira 5

Jay 6

Mbappe 7

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