Montreal Mayor Valery Plante feels unwell in the middle of a press conference

Montreal Mayor Valery Plante feels unwell in the middle of a press conference

While answering questions from local journalists, the mayor of the Canadian city was forced to sit down, because he did not feel “well.” Since then, she has been “out of danger,” according to her team.

A little fear on Tuesday, December 5, for the mayor of Montreal. During a press conference at the end of the morning, Valerie Plante suffered discomfort but is now “out of danger.”

In pictures published by the Canadian Press, the elected official showed signs of weakness when answering a question from an English-speaking journalist. She seemed to be searching for words, and froze for a few moments before having to sit down. “Oh no, I don’t feel good,” she sighed.

She then remained seated for a few minutes at her desk, as her colleagues and then rescue teams attended to her, without completely losing consciousness.

Reassuring news

In the afternoon, the mayor’s team wanted to reassure Montrealers about their mayor’s health. She wrote on her “X” account, formerly known as Twitter: “The Mayor of Montreal suffered discomfort at a press conference, and fortunately she is out of danger.”

She added: “You will receive all the medical support required, and I thank you for your support.”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau quickly responded to the incident and offered his support to Valérie Plante. “I’m thinking of you, Valerie,” he said. “I wish you a speedy recovery.” Just as Arif Salem, the local opposition leader, said: “My thoughts are with the mayor after the discomfort she suffered this morning during her press conference. I hope she gets back to fitness quickly.” […]. Speedy recovery.”

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