Former French-Israeli hostage Mia Shem has left the hospital and returned to her home

Former French-Israeli hostage Mia Shem has left the hospital and returned to her home

Mia Shim returned home. The 21-year-old French-Israeli woman remained a hostage of Hamas In the Gaza Strip For 55 days. On Tuesday, December 5, she was able to leave the hospital where she had been staying since her release and return home.

Songs, Israeli flags, mobile phones… Pictures broadcast by the Israeli media show Mia Shem being greeted by a crowd of people, clapping and cheering for her upon her return to Shoham, the town where she lives with her family. A video also shows her returning home surrounded by her loved ones.

In the photos, Mia Shim and her family look very emotional. The young woman also suffers from an injury to her hand, which she sustained on October 7 during her kidnapping.

She was kidnapped at a rave party

The French-Israeli was released on November 30, as part of the agreement between Hamas and Israel, mediated by Qatar, Egypt, and the United States. She had been detained in the Gaza Strip since the attack on the Supernova Sukkot music festival, held near the Palestinian enclave, where more than 250 people were killed.

Her mother, Keren Sharf Shim, had no news of her until Hamas published a video on October 16 in which her daughter appeared weak and injured but alive.

Mayam Sakim is the fourth French hostage to be released by Hamas. After a seven-day truce, Israeli army military operations resumed across the Gaza Strip, where 138 hostages are still being held.

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