Montpellier “really wants to finish in the six,” George Bridge confirms.

Ahead of Custer’s reception on Saturday, New Zealand winger George Bridge spoke about his and MHR’s ambitions.

By Le Figaro with AFP


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George Bridge ball in hand against the Stade de France JB Autissier/Panoramic

Montpellier, defending champions but only ninth in the Top 14 five days before the end of the regular season, He can still believe in the final stages: MHR “really wants to finish the six”, promised New Zealand winger George Bridge in an interview, before receiving Custer on Saturday through the 22nd.

Did you understand this exclusion against Exeter in the quarter-finals of the Champions Cup, unlike experiences?

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“We were really disappointed: we put in a lot of effort. We play 100 minutes, we are 14 after 49 minutes… But we showed character and we had a chance to win. It’s really disappointing but that’s the norm… We gained confidence with the way we played. We showed a good face because until now maybe we didn’t always do well… We were eliminated from the Champions Cup but we are confident. Now we are focused on finishing the season in the top 14. We have to be in a position to finish in the top six. We have a few games left, and we’re heading in the right direction.”

It begins with Custer, revenge for the final finale.

“The final wasn’t really mentioned this week. We’re just focused on ourselves, we know where we are and we know we need a big performance. But Castries are an attractive team and it’s going to be a really complicated game.

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Do you still believe in the end game?

“I think there are six points between us and third place (in fact, eight points). Between Montpellier, ninth with 48 points, and Stade Français, third with 56 points, RC Toulon is currently sixth and last in qualifying. For the final stage with 52 points, Ed).We play Castres and we have the advantage of being at home. Then we go to Bayonne and it will be huge. I’ve heard a lot about their stadium, I know it will be tough. We also have La Rochelle in Montpellier… It will be tough games but we are building on what we did against Exeter and Perpignan. We are all looking forward to playing these matches.”

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Why did you choose Montpellier last summer?

“I’ve been in a complicated situation since coming out of a few years where I had a very injured and fairly mediocre season in Super Rugby. It was a tough decision, and I still had the opportunity to stay here and try my luck with the All Blacks before the World Cup. But I felt it was the right time to come here and try something new.The Top 14 and the Champions Cup have always attracted me. Montpellier had just won the league so when they called me it sounded like a great opportunity.

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How do you see French rugby?

“It’s really great, isn’t it? Everyone says that France, like Ireland, are one of the favorites for the World Cup. They’re playing really well! For me, the Top 14 and the Champions Cup is refreshing because it’s a very different style of play than what I’ve experienced in Super Rugby.” “I wanted a change and that’s what I got! It’s a new challenge. With Montpellier, we had some bad performances, but like I said, I have the feeling we’re doing better and we’re making progress. We really want to finish in the six.”

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