Monster.  The Anak-Anak duo at a family show at Espace Saint-Grégoire on Tuesday

Monster. The Anak-Anak duo at a family show at Espace Saint-Grégoire on Tuesday

Wrapping up their table – plan of action and dashboard – Xavier Fassion and Jeanne Barbieri, of the duo Anak-Anak, depict the areas they cross and in mingling the brush sometimes gets tangled: the percussionist begins to sing and the singer begins to beat or ring, while the hours pass like clouds On a windy day and dominated by a dream.

Determined and indifferent at the same time, they pursue their silly project without losing their compass, sometimes even putting their feet on the rug, but they don’t take themselves seriously.

Like their first show, the duo Anak-Anak digs its groove between poetry, music and theater by offering its own unique observation of the world with the same silly, hilarious and simple vibe. Text and music creations. Often allegorical, texts can focus on a particular topic or be more open, even ambiguous. It is naive, informal, silly, dream-like and exhilarating, taking a distance to evoke the condition of men, climate, society, poverty, and ages of life. The sound passes through many countries. She wears the fabrics that songs give her, light, soft, or stiff. It is called to become lyrical, discursive, metallic or even internal, transparent, fragile.

Gadgets, mostly salvaged items, can be held in the hand and form visual props that animate game theater. The function of playing these primitive instruments is to support the song rhythmically, either in a light or tonic, percussive or discreet manner. The show responds to both the musical and clown play of the artists. The facade is bypassed by considering the audience as a witness who can be included in the story.

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Go there Tuesday, October 26, at 2:30 p.m., at Saint-Grégoire Cultural Space, Place de la Tuilerie in Münster. Prices: 7 euros, 6 euros, 12 euros. Duration: an hour and fifteen; family show. Ticket office in CCVM or online afternoon boxes. Health traffic is mandatory.

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