Miscellaneous facts.  Where did Gabby go, who mysteriously disappeared during a romantic road trip?

Miscellaneous facts. Where did Gabby go, who mysteriously disappeared during a romantic road trip?

They left on a romantic trip, and he’s back alone with the truck, without his fiancée: the road trip seems to have already turned into a nightmare.

Moab, Utah Police Post a video A strong altercation emerges within the young American couple, a few days before Gabriel Pettito is seen for the last time.

Gabe appeared there crying in a car, after the police intervened in a marital dispute. Brian Laundry then responded saying “she gets angry sometimes” when the police arrived, explaining that they had a feud and that she hit him with her phone showing bruises on his arms.

The groom remains silent

Now all eyes are on the 23-year-old who, although not considered a suspect, is deemed “worthy of investigation” by the police.

“Two people left on a trip, only one returned, and that person who came back is not giving us any information,” Northport Police Chief Todd Garrison said Thursday.

Especially since Laundry refuses to speak. Brian refuses to tell Gaby’s family where he last saw her. Brian also refuses to explain why he left Gabi alone and drove the truck to Florida. These are critical questions that require immediate responses,” the traveler’s family appealed in a statement.

It was his lawyer, Stephen Bertolino, who explained that he had advised his client to remain silent because a comrade was often the first person to whom the police “turned their attention in this type of case”, According to the New York Times.

The FBI is investigating

The boy returned on 1 September from their trip, ten days before his fiancée’s family was informed of his disappearance to Northport police. The 22-year-old was reportedly last seen in Grand Teton National Park (Wyoming). Her family has not been in contact with her since the end of August.

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The desperate family even called for help from “Brian’s family” and “friends” at a press conference, asking them “to do everything they can to get his daughter home.”

As a result, the FBI has opened a hotline that allows anyone with information about the mysterious disappearance of “Gabi” to share the information anonymously.

open cat

Both had initially left for four months and regularly shared their adventures on their social networks as well as on YoutubeOne of the passions of a young woman.

Anyway, it’s a matter of America moving too much. Several messages of support were posted on social networks, hoping to help find the young woman. A pot was opened on GoFundMe even to “raise funds” and amounted to more than $45,000 (€38,000) on Thursday.

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