Covid-19 - Study finds Moderna's vaccine will be more effective against severe forms over time than Pfizer

Covid-19 – Study finds Moderna’s vaccine will be more effective against severe forms over time than Pfizer

A study by US researchers tends to show that the loss of efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine over time against severe forms is observed compared to the Moderna vaccine.

People vaccinated against Covid-19 with Moderna will benefit from better protection against severe forms over time than those vaccinated with Pfizer., concludes with a study published last Friday by researchers from the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), the main health agency in the United States, as revealed by Ouest France.

This study was conducted on a sample of about 3,700 adults who were hospitalized after developing a severe form of the coronavirus. This lasted just over two months (from March 11 to August 15). During this time period, Moderna was 93% effective against hospitalization, Pfizer 88% and Johnson & Johnson only 68%.

From this study, it appears that Pfizer’s vaccine is losing efficacy against severe forms of Covid-19 over time. It goes from a rate of 91% during the period 14 to 120 days after a patient receives their vaccine to 77% after 120 days. during the same periods, Moderna’s vaccine efficacy rate drops much lower, from 93% to 92%.

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