Minecraft is being made into a movie and the lead role couldn't be played better

Minecraft is being made into a movie and the lead role couldn't be played better

It's been known for some time that Minecraft hit Blocks will be made into a movie; The first reports of a cinematic adaptation of the game were made by Mojang and Microsoft ten years ago. Now things are starting to get serious, because the project has found a lead actor.


Jack Black will play Steve

We are talking about Jack Black, the comedian, actor and musician, according to a report issued by Delivery time Take on the role of Steve. Steve, recognizable by his turquoise shirt and blue pants, was originally one of the game's nine default skins, but has since become a main character and avatar in Minecraft.

Jack Black was almost set for the role as the 54-year-old is a well-known gamer and recently took on the role of Bowser in the Super Mario Bros. movie. Black isn't the only Hollywood star involved in Minecraft, as Jason Momoa is also set to appear in the film, with the Aquaman and Game of Thrones star also producing the Minecraft movie.

Also on board are Emma Myers, who was last seen in the Netflix series that premiered Wednesday, as well as Danielle Brooks (“Orange Is the New Black”) and Sebastian Eugene Hansen. It's currently unclear how the game's makers, including Warner Bros., want to play the game. Studios, turning Minecraft into a movie. There are no known details about the plot yet.

Filming begins in New Zealand

Minecraft is still a live-action movie, with filming set to begin in New Zealand these days. This means that the film has finally reached “in progress” status after nearly a decade, and the project has been in development for many years – and was also scheduled to be first released in 2019 – instead, as it currently stands, the Minecraft movie will start… In April 2025.


  • A Minecraft movie adaptation is due to come, and the first reports came out ten years ago
  • Jack Black takes on the role of the main character, Steve
  • Popular gamer Black also voiced Bowser in the Super Mario Bros. movie
  • Jason Momoa co-produced and co-produced the Minecraft movie
  • Emma Myers and other stars are part of the cast
  • Details about the film adaptation and plot are still unknown
  • Filming begins in New Zealand from April 2025
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