Military Council orders to stop broadcasting RFI and France 24

Military Council orders to stop broadcasting RFI and France 24

France Médias Monde, the parent company of RFI and France 24, expresses its displeasure with this announcement.

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The Malian Military Council ordered, on the night of Wednesday, March 16 to Thursday, March 17, to stop broadcasting the channel RFI And the France 24 in Mali because, according to her, from “false allegations” The government said in a statement that the violations were committed by the Malian army and were reported by the French media.

Mali government “categorically rejects these false allegations against the valiant Fama” (FAF) and “Take action (…) to suspend until further notice RFI radio (…) and France 24”, outlining the press release signed by Colonel Abdallah Maiga, a government spokesman, and sent to AFP. Agence France-Presse indicated that the broadcasts of the two media outlets continued on Thursday morning.

The Malian government is particularly targeting a report in which the RFI gave the floor to the alleged victims of alleged abuses by the Malian military and Russia’s private group Wagner. Military Council “It categorically rejects these allegations against the valiant Fama.”sets forth the statement of Colonel Maiga, which goes so far as to compare the work of the two French mediums. practices and the sadly famous role of radio Mill Collins, who encouraged the Rwandan genocide in 1994.

Such commentary by major foreign media had no precedent in Mali. RFI and France 24, which cover African news closely, are widely followed in Mali.

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France Media Worldthe parent company of RFI and France 24, acknowledges and regrets this ad: France Media World He mentions his adherence to the freedom of the media and the balanced professional work of his press teams.

The French Foreign Ministry condemned Serious attacks on press freedomand expressed “Concerned about serious allegations of abuse” Reported by RFI and France 24 and disputed by the junta. He ruled the European Union “Unacceptable” Comment all of the media.

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