A Panamanian-flagged ship sank by Russian fire in the Black Sea

A Panamanian-flagged ship sank by Russian fire in the Black Sea

“We know that three (Panamanian) boats were attacked by Russian missiles,” he added.Mr. Araoz told reporters.

One of these ships “She sank, and two of them remained on their feet, but they sustained material damage.” he added.

“Russian Navy” 200 to 300 ships from different countries are prohibited from “Out of the Black Sea”denounced the director of the Panamanian Maritime Authority.

He said that dozens of Panama-flagged boats, specifically intended for transporting grain, and about 150 crew members of these ships, are being blocked in the Black Sea.

Panama claims the highest number of ships registered under its flag, with about 8,000 ships representing 17% of the world’s merchant marine fleet.

On February 25, after the first attack on a Panama-flagged ship, the authorities of the Central American country requested “Urgently” To avoid sailing in Ukrainian and Russian waters in the Black and Azov seas.

“Panamanian ships located in Ukrainian ports or transiting the region should exercise maximum vigilance and increase security conditions on board to protect the ship and its crew,” Then he warned the Panamanian naval authority.

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