Media Artist Tom Bowler: "My Site Photos Hang Internationally"

Media Artist Tom Bowler: “My Site Photos Hang Internationally”

Karlsruhe (Los Angeles) – Every Sunday, Martin Walker meets prominent figures from the region at the Martin Walker Show. This time the artist Tom Bowler was a guest. Tom has a small studio in Karlsruhe Südstadt. In addition to his self-designed gift ideas, he also sells his photos here. It mainly paints construction sites. This suits Karlsruhe, but it also paints the S21 project in Stuttgart. Many photos of his construction site are distributed all over the world.

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He painted large projects in Karlsruhe and Stuttgart

Karlsruhe has been denounced as a construction site city for years. While many citizens are upset by noisy and dirty construction sites, Karlsruhe media artist Tom Bowler has made them his daily bread. Because he’s a building site painter. “For example, I am intrigued by the contrast between a historical building and an artistic or industrial building. Because wherever something is destroyed, something new is created,” says Bowler. The graphic artist and illustrator started drawing for fun and commented on it with a series marking Karlsruhe’s 300th birthday. Meanwhile, the underground construction sites are also interesting to him, so Pauler. Because of Corona, there were no other artists suddenly displaying in his shop in Karlsruhe in Südstadt. Then he displayed his own works. At one point, a customer came to his store and asked if he had also done expensive work. So he came to Stuttgart 21. “This is another size larger than it is in Karlsruhe.”

The Boller construction site photos are international now

For Tom Buller, construction sites have something aesthetic and dynamic: “Construction sites are constantly changing. I find that exciting.” Photos of his construction site are now being sent all over the world: “There are people who say friends have moved to New Zealand and want to send a souvenir from Karlsruhe to them. But there are also works of mine in the US or Africa.” A trained communications designer paints with the artist’s felt-tip pens. Graphic – It is a technique he learned while studying. But in between, he has also painted a lot with acrylics on various surfaces over the years. “With that, I would like to pass this old technique to others. But now I am also working on it in a very modern way using the computer. Meanwhile, I have had a few architecture students or give pencil lessons for beginners,” Bowler explains. Buller would like to plot the construction sites for Wildpark and Badisches Staatstheater. But his big dream is to make Dubai’s skyscrapers out of paper.

The folding stage at the Boller store

Tom Buller has a store in Södstadt. But it not only displays photos, but also other artwork. “I have a foldable stage in the event room. It’s only 18 square meters, but it’s four meters high,” Buller smiles. Theater is only sufficient for one keyboard and one person. “Before Corona I had an event every month, a small concert in a store. There were also five of us on stage. There is space for about 40 people standing, and about 30 people can sit down to read. Because of Corona, culture-oriented Buller was unable to organize anything.” Since March. Boller noticed in the past few months that interest in local and young artists has increased through the works. However, he does not see an opportunity to distract him through Corona. Boller hopes that the art scene in Karlsruhe will not lose many of its faces as a result of Corona.

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