Champ, avec Jill Biden, à son arrivée à la Maison blanche.

Matt Schamp, German Shepherd for Biden’s Husband

Champ and the couple’s other dog, Major, celebrated the dogs’ return to the White House.

Joe and Jill Biden announced Saturday that the German Shepherd, the Schamp, of the US presidential couple, is dead, praising the dog who “make everything betterwhen he was next to them. The 13-year-old sawHis strength decreases“Over the past few months,” the head of state and his wife said before their deaths.

Champ and the couple’s other dog, Major, celebrate the dogs’ return to the White House, four years after they left Bo And the SunnyThe Obama Family Companions.

And so Donald Trump broke with an old tradition by spending his entire state in Washington without a pet.

«He wanted to be wherever we were and he instantly improved everything when he was next to us.”The presidential couple said in a statement. Biden’s other dog, Major, the first primate animal to pass through a shelter, has been talked about a lot more than Champ since the beginning of Joe Biden’s mandate. Two White House staffers have bitten within weeks of each other, so much so that the animal has been sent for training sessions.

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