Former House of Commons Speaker John Bercow joins the Labor Party

Former House of Commons Speaker John Bercow joins the Labor Party

A rift in the ranks of British Conservatives: Former Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow, Saturday, 19 June, announced his rally in front of the Labor Party.

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The 58-year-old former spokesman, who has repeatedly and sharply opposed Prime Ministers Boris Johnson and Theresa May in the Brexit negotiations, says he is now convinced that the Conservative Party “Reactionary, populist, nationalist and even xenophobic at times”.

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However, he has spent most of his political life in the conservative ranks. As Speaker of the House of Commons from 2009 to 2019, John Bercow gave color to the broadcaster’s job through his calls to the Order (” Order “) or his famous connections, and his directives to MPs wanting to block the efforts of Theresa May or Boris Johnson to pass legislation related to Britain’s exit from the European Union.

However, he was criticized by many Conservatives and supporters of Brexit for not showing the political neutrality required by his duties. ” The ” Loudspeaker It is the highest authority in the House of Commons and is politically neutral., the Chamber specifies on its website, where there is moreover the number of all “speakers” since … 1258.

Harassment accusations

asked by observerNow John Bercow says he wants to help Labor remove Boris Johnson from power and he wants to Supporting equality, social justice and universality.

He will also face charges of harassment. According to a 2018 report written by a former London High Court judge, John Bercow is accused of tyranning his teams during his 10 years as Speaker of the House of Representatives and allowing harassment, in particular of sexuality, to occur. generalization due to a “Culture of Respect”.

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