Mathieu Bock-Côté déboule en force sur CNews pour la rentrée

Mathieu Bock-Côté storms CNews at the start of the school year

The sociologist and essayist, columnist for Le Figaro, will start on Wednesday, August 25 at “La matinale”, before settling on the groups “L’Heure des Pros” and “Punchline”, and then begin his weekly meeting: “We have to talk about it” “.

Back to school is getting closer and new faces appear on the air. This is the case on CNews With sociologist and writer Mathieu Bock Cottier, who has joined the channel since the end of August. The newcomer with his late tongue will immediately participate in various talk shows – only to be introduced and take his marks – before launching a new weekly meeting, on the weekend.

Specialist in political sociology

Quebecer Mathieu Bock-Côté (41 years old) is a sociologist specializing in political sociology. The author of several books, he is a columnist in figaro The Montreal Gazette. To kick off the TV rehearsal, Bock-Côté will premiere on Wednesday, August 25 from 6:50 a.m. at CNews Matinale presented by journalist Romain Desarbres. The start of the day will see the newcomer seated at the “L’Heure des pro” table, in the presence of the host, Pascal Proud. The next day, Mathieu Bock Cote will be on set alongside Lawrence Ferrari on “Punchline”, having introduced himself to those who will not fail to garner his ideas all year long on the series.

At the end of the week, Saturday, August 28, the sociologist and essayist will begin his weekly meeting at 8:00 PM. Sharp: “We Have to Talk About It,” Submitted by Thomas Léquiertier. Each week, for an hour, Bock-Côté and his guests will present deciphering news along with key issues.

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Through analyzes, editorials and interviews, he explains, To borrow Raymond Aaron’s formula, to think of made history, and to reveal, beyond the chaos of events and the mist of artificial controversies, the real stakes, so often fragmentary in the audience, reveal. life. We are entering a new age: it will be a matter of naming it so that we learn to place ourselves there, away from the prescriptive ideologies and political correctness that stifle the life of ideas as the life of the city.”

As of Sunday, August 29, Mathieu Bock-Cottier will also participate in Sonia Mabrouk’s “Le Grand Rendez-Vous”, which is being broadcast jointly on CNews and Europe1.

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