Joe Biden criticizes on all sides, loses in polls

Joe Biden criticizes on all sides, loses in polls

Justified or not, Joe Biden is footing the bill for 20 years of American politics Afghanistan. Before The Taliban expresses its attack And the collapse of the Afghan security forces, the whole world saw the footage Panic at Kabul Airport. And if the evacuations are as well organized as possible, Joe Biden has fallen sharply in the polls. For the first time in his state, many Americans were satisfied and dissatisfied with his policy. Since one minus, his popularity rating was +9.

Despite the negotiation of a US troop withdrawal by Donald Trump, three out of four Americans are critical of the Biden administration’s administration, according to a CBS poll published this weekend. When asked about those numbers, the tenant at the White House on Sunday laughed. “I think when this spreads everywhere, Americans will clearly understand what I did,” he said. “It’s my job,” he told reporters. “My job is to make decisions that no one else can or want.”

Questions about August 31

Joe Biden is in a race against time against the deadline for the final withdrawal of US forces that is supposed to be completed on August 31, but could be pushed back to continue evacuating tens of thousands of Afghans. While that London and Paris are calling for an extension Having the last of the American soldiers, Joe Biden seems to have left the door open. “Hopefully we won’t have to prolong it,” he said, adding, “I think there will be discussions.”

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On Monday, the Taliban warned that August 31 is a red line and that there will be “consequences” if the “occupation” continues.

‘Surrender’ according to Donald Trump

In Washington, Republicans — as well as the media — have judged harshly on the apparent lack of preparation for “foreseeable disaster” and “tragic chaos.” The Biden administration “handed over, as expected, an entire country to terrorists,” particularly House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy. At a campaign rally in Alabama, Donald Trump added a layer: “The failed withdrawal from Afghanistan is an example of the most serious incompetence of our country’s leader, perhaps in history. It wasn’t a withdrawal, it was a surrender.”

Absent from the media in the early days of the crisis, Joe Biden is trying to get things right. In addition to daily Pentagon updates, the President of the United States now regularly confronts journalists. And on Monday, White House communications stressed that since August 14, 37,000 people have been evacuated from Afghanistan. On Sunday alone, about thirty US military aircraft evacuated 10,400 people, with 5,900 additional evacuations added across 61 coalition aircraft. But for Joe Biden – and for Afghans – the damage has already been done.

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