Martinique puts on a yellow vigil as a tropical wave approaches

Martinique puts on a yellow vigil as a tropical wave approaches

A strong tropical wave is approaching Martinique tonight (July 15-16, 2022). Martinique weather warns that it will bring temporary torrential rain and a storm locally. The territory is put on yellow alert for storms and heavy rain.

current situation
A fairly active tropical wave, currently located about 700 kilometers east of Martinique, will cross the Caribbean arc during the night from Friday to Saturday and Saturday morning (July 15-16, 2022). It will bring temporary heavy rain and storm locally.

At the moment, the weather is sunny and partly cloudy but the sky will gradually become cloudy
early the next night.

From the middle of the next night, organized showers in the form of a line will affect
Martinique. It has strong local intensity with rain accumulation in 3 hours which can
It reaches 50 to 70 mm in some places.

These shower lines move quickly and may be accompanied by a little thunderclap. An improvement is expected at midday Saturday but doubts remain as the episode may continue into the afternoon.

Also note that under the heaviest rain, wind gusts can exceed 70 km/h

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