Martinique again confined, Guadeloupe re-curfew

Martinique again confined, Guadeloupe re-curfew

Health status “get bad” In Martinique and Covid-19 numbers “Explodes” On the island, where the governor announced, Wednesday, July 28, a new confinement as of Friday 7 p.m. for at least three weeks. In Guadeloupe, facing progress “Fascinating” A state of health emergency was declared on Wednesday and a curfew was imposed from 9 pm to 5 am.

The overseas departments and territories are not the only ones affected by the outbreak of the epidemic, which affects the entire French territory. On Wednesday, nearly 1,000 patients with a severe form of Covid-19 were treated in critical care services, according to health data attesting to the outbreak. Critical care services received 992 patients, compared to 859 a week earlier. The number of positive cases recorded, nearly 28,000 on Wednesday, reached its highest level since April 28. The positivity rate (the proportion of positive cases compared to the number of people tested) remained constant at 4.1%. The disease claimed the lives of 40 patients within 24 hours in the hospital, for nearly 112,000 deaths since the beginning of the epidemic.

  • Martinique again confined

Martinique Governor Stanislas Cazel announced, on Wednesday, the tightening of health measures on the island, starting Friday at seven in the evening, for at least three weeks. “We are concerned, the health situation is getting worse and Covid-19 numbers are exploding”, confirmed at a press conference Olivier Codin, Deputy Director of the Regional Health Agency (ARS), and Stanislas Cazelles. “This increase has implications for the number of admissions in emergency, hospitalization and intensive care settings: CHUM [Centre hospitalier universitaire de Martinique] reached saturation level, also identifies a press release issued by the province of Martinique.

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As a result, the curfew in force in Martinique from 9 p.m. to 7 p.m. will be reduced to 5 a.m. with stricter traffic conditions, according to the governor, who remembers that “The first isolations made it possible to reduce pollution rates significantly: 45 % rate”. Stanislas Cazelles specified that it would be necessary to bring a certificate to pass a radius of 10 km around the house. He also specified that all businesses would remain open, while respecting the wearing of masks in general, but restaurants, on the other hand, would be closed. For the latter, in addition to gyms and covered sports venues, the special partial unemployment for Covid-19 and the Solidarity Fund will be preserved, the prefecture assures.

Martinique recorded 3537 positive cases, compared to 2241 cases in the previous week, according to the province, which indicates the confirmation of the upward trend. The Covid-19 infection rate ranges from 280 to 995 cases per 100,000 population, according to the county. “Control of the virus appears more urgent because the Martinique population is less immune, and is generally older, and therefore more vulnerable, than those in areas where Covid-19 is more prevalent and where the vaccination rate is higher.”, emphasizes once again the conservatism.

  • Braking measures in Guadeloupe

A state of health emergency was declared in the state of Guadeloupe on Wednesday, as braking measures It was introduced by the prefecture, first of all imposing a curfew from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. Friday. Only sporting events and events will be allowed “Within 50 athletes maximum” From this date, Determines the maintenance on Twitter. Finally, the movement of unvaccinated people between Guadeloupe and the city will only be possible on a compelling cause from Monday 2 August.

Regional Health Agency (ARS) alerts on progress “Fascinating” contamination in the section. “It’s violent. We have more than triple the number of cases from week to week, and that’s never happened in previous waves”, notes Valerie Dinnox, director general of the Association for Reconstruction and Development. The number of confirmed cases in Guadeloupe from July 19 to 25 was 1,072, up from 281 the previous week. Concern is growing because vaccination coverage is low in the archipelago, where only 21% of the population received the first injection.

This fourth wave was also confirmed at Pointe-à-Pitre University Hospital, which is afraid of reaching a saturation point. The white plan has been launched in the institution to mobilize new resources, but the maximum capacity is limited to about 70 beds. This situation is very worrying given that 30% of the population of Guadeloupe is classified at risk due to the high prevalence of many long-term diseases, the high rate of obesity or even the marked aging of the population.

In the department, this fourth wave occurs in the context of the controversy over the health card and vaccination obligation. The health branch of the General Union of Workers of Guadeloupe (UTS-UGTG) remarkably organized rallies on the last two Saturdays, which gathered several hundred people in front of the CHU, preparing for a third in Basse-Terre, on July 31..

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