Covid-19: Martinique booked for 3 weeks from Friday evening

Covid-19: Martinique booked for 3 weeks from Friday evening

While that Health status Sharply deteriorating in Martinique, the authorities decided to take new measures. Governor Stanislas Cazelles announced Wednesday evening at a press conference that “containment will begin” starting Friday, July 30 at 7 p.m. and for a period of three weeks “with a review clause in mid-August.”

The curfew in effect today at 9 pm has been reduced to 7 pm starting Friday and will continue until 5 am. It is also a return for compelling reasons: “Any movement beyond the 10-kilometre limit around the house will be subject to certification,” the governor said.

Video. Announcing the “imprisonment” of the governor of Martinique

“The situation in Martinique continues to deteriorate,” said Olivier Codin, deputy director general of the ARS in Martinique during the press conference. Last week, 3,537 cases were seen on the island. “Unfortunately, this is the trend that has been confirmed because we have already reached 1,100 cases for the current week,” he added. The positivity rate was 16.4% versus 4.1% for the national average. “Today’s hospital system is in a state of saturation,” Olivier Codin declared.

Restaurants and gyms closed

Stanislas Kazels explained that the ban, which will be imposed this weekend, aims to “break the curve, reduce the number of pollution and protect the area for the start of the school year.” In defense of this measure, the governor noted that “the recent confinement in Martinique made it possible to reduce the pollution rate by 75%”.

In contrast to the previous booths, all non-essential and essential, “mask-worn” stores, can remain open. Most cultural activities will also be able to continue ‘as long as they are done with a mask’. Places of worship remain open.

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Stores where a mask cannot be worn, such as restaurants or gyms, will have to close.

Back from “dynamic” swimming

Entry to the beaches is permitted for “dynamic and sporty” swimming. Boat gatherings will be prohibited.

The governor also called on residents to respect the “six rule” in the private sphere once again. He added that to combat “festive activities at home”, home services, such as restaurants, musicians, etc., will be banned.

Professional activities will continue, but remote work is recommended.

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