Marine Le Pen's major European maneuvers

Marine Le Pen's major European maneuvers

a novel – The National Front's “natural candidate” for 2027 is trying to create the necessary conditions for a large coalition of nationalists at the European level.

like A cry from the heart »And even huge satisfaction ». On Tuesday morning, as soon as they learned of the latest statements from Maximilian Krah, head of the far-right Alternative for Germany party list in the European elections, Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella met. The two leaders of the National Rally (RN) very quickly discussed their exit from the SS, which would not be the case Not automatically a criminal ». They decided, without the slightest hesitation, to put an end to their relationship with their allies across the Rhine, who have been sitting next to them in the European Parliament, within the Identity and Democracy (ID) group since 2019.

The end was only a matter of time between the two political parties, as the National Front had been concerned for months about the radicalization of the AfD. Marine Le Pen had to raise her voice twice. without result. The AfD moves from provocation to provocation »Marine Le Pen explained on Europe 1-CNews on Wednesday, before continuing: It's time to take a break…

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