Marine Le Pen is far ahead in the West Indies, Reunion, Guyana and Mayotte

Marine Le Pen is far ahead in the West Indies, Reunion, Guyana and Mayotte

turned abroad. National Rally candidate for the presidential election, Marine Le Pen, came first in the West Indies, Reunion, Guyana and Mayotte in the second round of voting on Sunday, April 24, while receiving 41, 45% of the vote nationwide, According to the final results reported by the Ministry of the Interior. Five years ago, Emmanuel Macron came out on top In the overseas communities, she particularly won 77.5% of the vote in Martinique, 75.1% of the vote in Guadeloupe and 64.9% in Guyana.

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In these three sections, Marine Le Pen’s progress is clear. And in Guadeloupe, where the abstention rate reached 52.82%, the far-right candidate received 69.60% of the vote on Sunday, compared to 30.40% for Emmanuel Macron. The outgoing president won only 39.13% of the vote in Martinique, compared to 60.87% for his rival, with an abstention rate of 54.55%. For Guyana, Marine Le Pen came out on top with 60.70% of the vote, while 39.30% of the vote went to Emmanuel Macron. Abstinence, at 61.10%, was particularly high there.

In Reunion, Marine Le Pen won 59.57% of the vote, compared to 40.43% for the head of state, with 40.61% abstaining. The far-right candidate received 59.1% of the vote in Mayotte, while Emmanuel Macron received 40.9% of the vote, with 54.51% abstaining.

“I give special thanks to our compatriots in the provinces and in the countryside, but also abroad, who have largely put me at the head of the second round with an extraordinary strength that honors and genuinely affects me.”

Marine Le Pen

During his speech after the second round of the presidential elections

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The far-right candidate also came first in Saint Barthelemy and Saint Martin, even if her lead there is less clear: Marine Le Pen won 55.42% of the vote there, against 44.58% for the outgoing president. In Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, Marine Le Pen received 50.69% of the vote. However, the head of state comes first in Wallis and Futuna (67.44%), New Caledonia (61.04%) and French Polynesia (51.8%).

Marshall Foucault, director of Cevipof and holder of the Overseas Sciences Po Chair, evokes first a surprise When the results are announced. “Great access to Jean-Luc Melenchon’s head (in these areas, in the first round) It did not turn into an advance for Emmanuel Macron.”refers to the university professor who gave an interview to franceinfo.

This indicates that Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s voting instructions, which may seem ambiguous, were not received.

Marshall Foucault, Director of Cevipof

in franceinfo

In the first round, on April 10, La France Insoumise candidate came out on top Six Overseas TerritoriesIt received 56.16% of the vote in Guadeloupe, 53.1% in Martinique, 50.59% of the vote in Guyana and 40.26% in Reunion. “We must not give a single vote to Madame Le Pen”, He had hit the leader of the Insoumis when the results were announced.

The director of Cevipof also noted that another call to vote for Emmanuel Macron, that of some local elected officials in the Overseas Territories, was not followed.

According to Martial Foucault, “Marine Le Pen’s access to the top should not be interpreted as a vote to support her programme.” “It is a vote to reject Emmanuel Macron,” Cevipof director confirms. In the West Indies, the researcher notes that the national pool filter “The vote sucked with healthy fury, which Jean-Luc Mélenchon managed to collect in the first round.” These findings are already in line with the broad movement to protest the duty to vaccinate caregivers and the health card, in Guadeloupe as well as in Martinique.

“The West Indians were looking at crisis management as disastrous this winter.”

Marshall Foucault, Director of Cevipof

in franceinfo

asked by franceinfo, sMinister of State for European Affairs, Clement Pellon, acknowledges this “The issue of health has undoubtedly played a very strong role” in these results. “There was undoubtedly a misunderstanding between Paris and the overseas territories,” continued.

“The repressive response by sending the police and the health scandals caused a lot of rejection of the policy of compulsory vaccination”, Marshall Foucault confirms. In terms of healthy rage, Marine Le Pen managed to grab it ‘Social outrage’ In the Overseas Territories, Cevipof Director continues. “This question is not new in the West Indies. Jean-Luc Mélenchon carried that voice.” until the first round, “With a very intrusive state.” “There, voters found a mixture of social anger and healthy anger about Marine Le Pen.”

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