Germany concerned about the health of French democracy

Germany concerned about the health of French democracy

In Germany, re-electionEmmanuel Macron Relief was welcomed, equivalent to the fear inspired by the hypothesis of Marine Le Pen’s victory. Your voters today have sent a powerful message for Europe. I am glad that we continue our good cooperation.”especially Olaf Schultz’s reaction, Sunday night, on Twitter.

The Social Democratic Adviser (SPD), whose spokesperson said he phoned Mr Macron to congratulate him, has made no secret of his desire to re-elect the outgoing president. In the second round, the French will have a choice “Between a democratic candidate who believes France is stronger in a strong and independent European Union, and a far-right candidate who is openly aligned with those who attack our freedom and democracy”warned Mr. Schultz in a amphitheater In partnership with his Spanish and Portuguese counterparts, Pedro Sanchez and Antonio Costa, published in the worldThursday, April 21st.

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Across the Rhine, only the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) laments the choice of the French. “I congratulate our partner Marine Le Pen for the good result that she achieved. Emmanuel Macron has achieved nothing but a false victory. The change of direction in Europe is real and unstoppable in the long run “Alternative party leader Tino Shrupala responded on Sunday.

Aside from the far right, the victory of the National Rally candidate was particularly frightening. With Le Pen in power, Germany He will lose his main ally.was daily economic worries Handelsblatt before the second round. Le Pen’s Nightmare was titled Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. As far as her hostility towards Germany I spoke to “irreconcilable strategic differences”It was Le Pen’s rapprochement with Vladimir Putin’s Russia that raised Berlin’s fears. In this sense, the tweet he published on Sunday evening, the press from Spiegel Sebastian Fischer sums up what most Germans think: Putin lost the French presidential election. »

” warning “

After Ms. Le Pen’s defeat, Germany is concerned about the outcome. “The unprecedented result of the far right, with a xenophobic and anti-European programme, is alarming and should challenge all democrats in France and Europe. Macron must rise to the challenge of transforming his movement into a true political party and addressing the multiple divisions that run through French society.pledge to Globalism Social Democrat MP Nils Schmid, responsible for foreign policy issues in the SPD group in the Bundestag.

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