Marie and Maxime Dieppe leave by bike to sail to New Zealand

Marie and Maxime Dieppe leave by bike to sail to New Zealand

At the moment, Marie and Maxim are scheduled to depart on May 29, surrounded by their friends. (© Les Information dieppoises)

When they talk about it, their eyes shine. And wide smiles never leave their faces.

At the end of May 2021, Marie Obikes and Maxime Robert will take off.

Or rather they will step over their tripods to go on an adventure. They will be leaving Dieppe (Seine) by bike to head to… New Zealand!

wants to meet

They are not great cyclists. whatever …

They bring in their saddlebags a nice dose of optimism, a breath of happiness, tons of desire to meet other people, other cultures, another life…

They are ready to adapt. This should also be the keyword for the next few years for this couple.

Tattoo artist and engineer

She was a tattoo artist in Dieppe, rue de la Hall-au-blee. He, a logistics engineer in Le Havre.

She decided to leave her living room to her colleague. I simply quit.

Each of them has already traveled with him a lot: Australia, Asia … before meeting two and a half years ago …

Then they began to dream about this world tour, having made their first trip in Nepal. “It was amazing, these eight days of hiking to get to Annapurna Base Camp,” Mary recalls.

Not a math challenge

“So we initially thought about walking. But there are a lot of limitations, at the hardware level for example. So we thought about it: we wanted to pollute as little as possible and I enforced the idea of ​​cycling. Because if you wanted, it’s easy to get into a truck, or A train, or a boat…”, say the two young men.

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Marie Opax mapped their journey.
Marie Opax mapped their journey. (© Mary Opaks)

Because their idea is not to make their journey an athletic challenge.

A bicycle is only a way to go out on the roads but without being imposed on the kilometers to be covered per day or the date of arrival in a country.

According to health constraints

Everything will be done with feeling and according to the limitations the two travelers know they will undoubtedly face.

Especially in this context of a global health crisis with borders that could close overnight.

But for them, this is not a problem. Without a return date in France, they tell themselves that if they have to wait a week for a visa or wait a month in one country to be able to move to another, they will wait. “We’re ready to work on site while you wait,” Maxim explains.

Because their goal is to go out and meet the residents, to ask for hospitality – “but if that is not possible, we will always have our tent,” they say – and above all to share slices of life.

Work on site

Among the dreams of Maxim, for example, the dream of the harvest in Georgia. Marie would like to discover sustainable farming and participate in honey manufacturing…

And although the couple has set aside some money to live out their dream of traveling, they are well aware that depending on his height, it will not be enough.

The travelers will then know how to roll up their sleeves. Mary takes her tattoo equipment and drawing board in her saddlebags.

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It will therefore be able to respond to the commands of logos, for example, or even produce other posters such as those produced on Dieppe.

Mary Opax created this Dieppe poster and intends to get others on the road.
Mary Opax created this Dieppe poster and intends to get others on the road. (© Mary Opaks)

I used this artistic talent to plot the journey they imagined on a map. If at the moment the goal is New Zealand, then the couple will go first to Brittany (there may be a detour through Ireland) and then go down the entire coast before crossing the countries of the Maghreb, Italy, Turkey and the countries of Eastern Europe …

Before, they hope to be able to go to India and then visit several Asian countries before reaching the goal.

Final or not, only the future will tell!

to follow them

Sharing is a word that resonates with Marie and Maxime. To be able to take Dieppe residents with them on this beautiful trip, they created an Instagram account and a Facebook page called “bike_circle”. Way to follow them over the next few months with pictures and graphics…


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