3-0.  “Lionesses stumble” with New Zealand in their debut

3-0. “Lionesses stumble” with New Zealand in their debut

Argentine “Lionesses” they found it New Zealand In his first appearance in the Olympic championship of hockey, in a game scored by ocean players with two goals in the third quarter and ended with another in the last period (3-0).

Despite attempts Agustina Alonso, Delfina Merino and Agustina Gorzelani The first two quarters ended with no differences on the scoreboard and the match resumed with a more aggressive match from New Zealand.

Ocean managed to take advantage of the penalty kick option and Pelin Sochi couldn’t block the shot Kelsey Smith It will end with a goal (minimum 35), as happened later in Goal Esperanza Ralph (AD 40), unlike the occasion Augustina GorzelaniThe opponent’s defense stopped him.

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In the final division, Leonas had as many as four corner kicks and two clear goal runs, but the effectiveness of Grace O’Hanlon And her defensive teammates were crucial to avoiding a goal that New Zealand celebrated again, seven minutes from the end, when Holly Pearson A third record to close the match.

The team that leads Carlos “Chapa” Retegui He will face his second commitment in Tokyo on Monday against the Spanish team, who appeared on Sunday with a defeat to Australia (3-1).

data sheet

3 – New Zealand: O’Hanlon. Shannon, Phillies, Davis, Ralph, Johnson, Thompson, Casco, Dawar, Kiddle, Smith – unofficial wikibo – Davy, Ray Dickens, Job, Pearson
0 – Argentina: Sochi. Gorzelany, Raposo, Alonso, Albertarrío, Granatto MJ, Merino, Sauze, Trinchinetti, Barrionuevo, Costa-starting team- Toccalino, Sánchez, Granatto MV, Retegui, Jankunas.
Objectives: 1-0, Round 35: Smith, penalty kick. 2-0, yards 40, Ralph, penalty. 0-3, m 53 Pearson.
the reviewer: Sarah Wilson (UK) and Maggie Giddens (USA). They showed Costa (ARG) their green card,
Accidents: Today’s Group B game was played at Oi Hockey Stadium South.

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