Manuka honey is now in Aldi: a miracle drug with a curative effect

Manuka honey is now in Aldi: a miracle drug with a curative effect

Manuka honey is expensive at a discount

Sweet, delicious, creamy – and a true miracle treat! New Zealand manuka honey is said to be able to do all kinds of good for our health. Unfortunately, premium honey is expensive at at least 30 euros per jar; It is usually only available in health food stores, drugstores, or drugstores. Until now. Because manuka honey is now available from Aldi – and much cheaper.

We tried our premium honey – you can see the conclusion whether 9.99 euros per jar is worth it in the video.

MGO in honey has healing properties

Effective Thursday 4 February 2021, discount chain Aldi Süd will sell Miracle Honey for € 9.99 per jar (250g). The cause of the hype about manuka honey is the methylglyoxal glycolysis product – MGO for short – that it contains. MGO is found in nearly every honey. For external use, even a small amount of MGO should be sufficient to achieve a healing effect, with stronger doses the effect should be faster. According to the product description, Aldi-Manuka contains “more than 80 mg methylglyoxal per kilogram of honey”.

Manuka honey is produced by hardworking bees in New Zealand. The raw material from which the miracle substance is obtained is the nectar of the Manuka tree flower. The indigenous people of New Zealand have known about the healing properties of this tree for ages. Maori use the leaves and bark of the tree for medicinal purposes. And of course honey – because it has everything.
700 milligrams of MGO per kilogram of honey have a beneficial effect, for example in the case of inflammation (similar to propolis). Natural honey can only score here at five milligrams. In contrast, the amount of homeopathy is more. With 50 milligrams MGO, Aldi Manuka honey falls somewhere in between.

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Where on the body does manuka honey work?

Due to the antibacterial effect of manuka honey, the range of applications is very large. Especially in the medical field, honey is increasingly becoming an alternative to the classic drugs, Apothecine Umchau writes. Among other things, honey cleans wounds and at the same time maintains the moisture of the affected skin, which makes changing the dressing even more pleasant. Here is an overview of the areas and complaints where honey is supposed to develop its healing properties:

What Should You Look For When Buying Manuka Honey?

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