Manila says the Chinese Coast Guard is seizing weapons from Philippine Navy boats

Manila says the Chinese Coast Guard is seizing weapons from Philippine Navy boats

The Philippine Navy said on Wednesday (June 19) that the Chinese Coast Guard confiscated weapons from some of its boats in the South China Sea this week.

“Chinese coast guard personnel have illegally boarded our ships [bateaux pneumatiques à coque rigide] » And “They recovered some weapons.”Admiral Alfonso Torres, Commander of the Western Command of the Philippines, told the press, explaining that Filipino sailors were ordered not to use these weapons during the skirmish that took place last Monday off the coast of Thomas Shoal II Atoll.

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The Philippine Navy announced on Tuesday that one of its sailors was seriously injured in a collision with a Chinese Coast Guard boat the previous day. “The evacuation was completed safely.” And he received “Rapid medical treatment”. Admiral Torres confirmed that the sailor lost his thumb in the naval confrontation, saying that the Chinese Coast Guard lost his thumb “Intentionally shocked” Philippine boats.

Philippine Chief of General Staff Gen. Romeo Brawner, who visited the injured soldier on Wednesday, confirmed that the Chinese were armed with swords, spears and knives.

“Bare hands,” he replied.

“This is the first time we see the Chinese Coast Guard wearing polo [un type de machette à un seul tranchant]And spears and knives. Our forces had none of this, we fought with our bare hands.He told the press.

These incidents between the Philippine Navy and the Chinese Coast Guard have multiplied in recent weeks, during resupply missions carried out by the Philippines for its army present in the region. BRP Sierra Madrea warship deliberately stranded on the atoll, with the aim of making it an outpost and asserting their sovereignty claims against China, which claims the area.

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The second Thomas Atoll is located about 200 kilometers from the Philippine island of Palawan, and more than 1,000 kilometers from the nearest large Chinese island, Hainan.

The Chinese Coast Guard said on Monday that a Philippine supply ship had arrived in the area “I ignored many official warnings from China.” And it is “Control measures taken” Against him “”according to the law””. ship “Come closer.” (…) Chinese ship in an unprofessional manner, which led to its collision »Beijing confirmed.

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