How did the European right undermine an agreement on key positions in the European Union?

How did the European right undermine an agreement on key positions in the European Union?

This was one possibility. On Monday, European Union leaders concluded discussions aimed at determining the distribution of key EU positions without an agreement. Renewal is planned after each European election. Therefore, the decision must be made during the summit scheduled to be held next week, June 27-28.

However, there is consensus on a triumvirate: a second term for the current Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen (a German conservative), the head of diplomacy for the liberal Estonian Prime Minister, Kaja Kallas, and the Commission presidency. Council of former Portuguese Socialist Prime Minister António Costa.

The right wants more positions

Even if the trio had no alternative, the leaders of the European People's Party (right) had their eyes bigger than their stomachs: Croatian Prime Minister (since 2016), Andrej Plenkovic, demanded during dinner a division of the presidency. The Council is divided into two phases, the first half of the state is on the left of center (S&D group) and the second is on the right. The latter considers itself the biggest winner from the last Europeans. Its number of seats increases from 178 to 190 seats, while the number of seats for Social Democrats decreases to 136 elected representatives, and the number of Liberals for the Renewal Party reaches 80 seats. Such a request raises questions about the future coalition forming for devolution between PPE, the Socialists and Democrats, and the Renewal Party (406). Seats out of 720). Especially since Maltese EPP Roberta Metsola is the favorite to regain her place in European Cycling in July.

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An initiative that allows the two far-right leaders of the Council, Hungary's Viktor Orbán and Italy's Giorgia Meloni, to be less marginalized by trying to influence the main objectives of the mandate that the Council must also define. Especially since the Europeans also strengthened their camp with about 160 seats, divided into several groups.

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