Macron calls on Russia to “provide clarifications without delay”

Macron calls on Russia to “provide clarifications without delay”

The President refers to what was revealed by the American press in recent days regarding the possibility of Moscow deploying nuclear weapons in space.

On Friday, February 16, President Emmanuel Macron denounced Russia's “change in position” that “requires a collective start,” citing cyberattacks against Western countries and fears of deploying nuclear weapons in space.

Referring to “the concerns expressed in recent days about the possibility of Russia deploying nuclear weapons in space,” Emmanuel Macron believed that “Russia must provide explanations without delay.” He added that Moscow has “crossed several thresholds” in its cyber attacks, as it sees in them a “desire for aggression.”


On Thursday, Russia considered the information published by the American press about Moscow's plan to deploy nuclear weapons in space to be “unfounded”, sparking a “trick” by Washington to prevent aid to Ukraine.

The West generally greets Russia's denials with skepticism, as Moscow denied for weeks that it wanted to attack Ukraine, and finally launched a large-scale attack on February 24, 2022.

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