A march to continue pressing for adherence to the electoral calendar

A march to continue pressing for adherence to the electoral calendar

In Senegal, a march was allowed on Saturday, February 17, in Dakar, organized by the citizens’ association “Aar Sunu Élection,” which means “ Let's protect our elections “A few thousand people responded to the platform’s call to demand.” Respect the electoral calendar “.

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The Constitutional Council canceled the postponement of the presidential elections to February 25, but the Elders pointed out that this date could not be held without setting a new calendar. For the citizens gathered this Saturday, we must remain alert.

Women, men and children walked under the hot sun. Many of them wore scarves in Senegal's colors and T-shirts bearing the words “R Sono Elections.”

I feel I am very proud to be Senegalese because I see that people there stand as one, just to respect democracy and the electoral calendar. », says Bonia Ndiaye Our special correspondent in Dakar,Charlotte realizes.

Despite the Constitutional Council’s decision, demonstrators say they remain vigilant: “ We want to continue the pressure so that the elections are held as soon as possible, before April 2, God willing. »

We want to remove all ambiguity and clarify the election date. explains Fatima Le Val, R-Sono election member. Because delivery must be made on April 2. »

April 2 is the expiration date of President Macky Sall's term. To ensure that this deadline is respected, we must not stop pressing, believes Ibrahima: “ If we stop, we will know the monster, and if we sleep on the laurel, it will be over “This 34-year-old Senegalese told our correspondent in Dakar, Leah Lisa Westerhof.

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Organizing the elections in advance is short but possible according to Malek Diop, R Sono Elections Representative: “ If we want, if the political parties overcome their ego and shorten the election campaign, this is possible. »

According to Malek Diop, a representative for the R-Sno elections, “if the political parties overcome their ego, a shortened campaign will be possible” for the elections.

Leah Lisa Westerhof

Aliou Mamadou Dia, one of the presidential candidates, adopts the same opinion, stressing that the ball is in the court of President Macky Sall and quickly announcing a date: “It is He knows the correct dates, during the month of March, either the 3rd or the 10th, he just has to announce them and then people start working, and we are ready. ! »

Quiet prevailed during the first march permitted by the authorities, organized by the R Snow campaign group.

Leah Lisa Westerhof

Supervising the gendarmes for the first authorized march

With a cordon surrounding each party, the gendarmes supervise the authorized march, unlike previous demonstrations: “ We have been in revolution for some time. Today we had the opportunity to express this. »

Ousmane Niang is happy that after months of ban, this march has finally been approved: “ People are happy, and we are moving peacefully. You see, when it's organized, there's nothing broken, there's nothing at all. »

Among the slogans No to the constitutional coup “,” End April 2 “, or ” Ousmane Sonko released », the imprisoned opponent. ” Sonko, we miss you “, even chanted the protesters at the end, including many sympathizers with the opponent party.

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At the end of the scheduled mobilization, the demonstrators dispersed peacefully, waiting for a date to be set for the elections.

For us, there is still one final step, which is for the president to be able to take quick action to convene the Electoral College and for us to be able to hold the election before November 2nd. [avril] Because we consider that April 2 is the deadline and that the President of the Republic, Macky Sall, will have to hand over the service to the new president-elect on April 2.

Dr. Abdullah Bosso, from the R Snow Elections Caucus

Charlotte realizes

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