Le premier ministre arménien Nikol Pashinyan durant une session du Parlement à Erevan, le 10 mai 2021.

Macron calls for the “immediate withdrawal” of Azerbaijani forces

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pachinyan Thursday accused the Azerbaijani army of violating the Armenian border.

Emmanuel Macron on Thursday evening insisted on The necessity of the immediate withdrawal of the Azerbaijani forces from the Armenian lands.After the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pachinyan accused the Azerbaijani army of violating the Armenian border.

“The President of the Republic indicated France’s adherence to the territorial integrity of Armenia and indicated the necessity of the immediate withdrawal of Azerbaijani forces from Armenian lands.”, The French presidency said in a press release.

Emmanuel Macron and Nicole Pacinian gave a telephone interview Thursday about Ongoing developments on the border between Armenia and AzerbaijanWhile Yerevan accuses Baku of seeking to occupy new areas, in the midst of renewed tensions between these two arch enemy countries, which also raised a warning from the United States.

“It’s sabotage infiltration.”Nicole Pachinyan was released during an extraordinary meeting of his security council, according to statements carried in an official statement. During this meeting, it was claimed that the Azerbaijani forces advanced three kilometers inside the Armenian border in the south and that they wanted “Siege” Lake Seif shared between the two countries. Denounced A. ‘Trespass’ On the territory of Armenia, Nikol Pachinyan indicated that the Armenian army had dealt with ‘Appropriate tactical maneuvers’. According to him, however, these tensions must be resolved through diplomatic channels.

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The United States said to follow suit “Close” This Renewed tensions border crossing. Nicole Pacinian is currently the interim Prime Minister, since he resigned at the end of April to allow early legislative elections to take place on June 20.

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Azerbaijan and Armenia clashed in the fall of 2020 for control of the Nagorno-Karabakh independence area, a conflict that left more than 6,000 people dead and defeated in Yerevan, and which had to surrender important territories in Baku.

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In power since 2018, Nicole Pachinyan has since been under pressure from the opposition accusing him of treason. Despite the ceasefire signed under the auspices of Moscow and the deployment of Russian peacekeepers, tensions continued in the region. Last month, the two countries accused each other of opening fire in Nagorno-Karabakh.

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