macOS Sequoia: How to Activate iPhone Mirroring in the EU Right Now

macOS Sequoia: How to Activate iPhone Mirroring in the EU Right Now

“Unable to connect to iPhone. iPhone mirroring is not available in your country or region.” This is the error message that appears on macOS Sequoia beta 2 when you try to use this new feature. Apple has warned: In the same way as Apple Intelligence and SharePlay improvements, iPhone Mirroring will not be available to European users this year due to (its use of) DMA.

But it didn't take long to figure out how to enable this feature on a European Mac anyway. Do you want to change the region in the system settings to a country outside the European Union? Missing. Want to sign in to the Mac App Store with an Apple account outside the EU? Bingo!

iPhone mirroring on a European Mac connected to the App Store with a US account. Image by MacGeneration.

As we already noticed at the time Adventures about PWAs on iOS At the beginning of the year, connecting to the App Store using a non-EU account will void European restrictions put in place under the DMA. apple However, he confirms It uses several criteria to determine if one of its devices is located in the EU, but this advanced detection may only relate to licenses, such as installing alternative stores, not prohibitions.

Anyway, we just had to sign in with a foreign (in this case American) account on the Mac App Store so iPhone Mirroring could be accessed on one of our Macs.

iPhone mirroring works well. Image by MacGeneration.

We insist on the fact that a simple connection to the Mac App Store using a non-EU account was enough to break the lock. On the Mac itself, the Apple account connected in System Settings (for iCloud, Photos, Find My, etc.) is a French account. Word to the wise, create a US App Store account It doesn't require much effort.

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A simple account change in the App Store unlocks iPhone Mirroring on macOS Sequoia, making Apple's geo-blocking incomprehensible. What “Regulatory uncertainty” Can Apple's lawyers really challenge the DMA for functionality that replicates the iPhone's screen on a Mac?

While you wait to get an answer to that question, if we ever have one, you have a solution at your disposal to experiment without further delay with one of the Sequoia's groundbreaking new features – but this advice isn't said to work indefinitely. However, Apple does not intend to officially launch this feature in the European Union until next year.

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