Diablo 4: A real new game mode will arrive with Season 5

Diablo 4: A real new game mode will arrive with Season 5

Game news Diablo 4: A real new game mode will arrive with Season 5

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If you've been waiting for the right moment to return to Diablo 4, keep your ears open… A new game mode will be arriving as part of Season 5 and there will be plenty of monsters to slay!

Months pass and it has been more than a year since Diablo 4 arrived on PC and consoles… Now, Blizzard's hack'n'slash game (which has arrived on Game Pass in the meantime) is preparing to launch its fifth season. Along with new quests after the main quest, players will have access to them New rogue-lite mode called “Infernal Hordes”. The situation was detailed just a few days ago by the studio teams, in condition Blog and also in the “Campfire” video.

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Styx waves

In these famous hellish hordes, the player will have to face several waves of enemies, each lasting 90 seconds. At the end of each encounter, you'll have to choose between three infernal offerings, advantages that will alter your path. In its blog, Blizzard cites as an example a bonus that is used to increase the damage of elite enemies and recover more Burning Aether – the new currency for this fifth season… This allows, when the Infernal Horde ends, to choose the Infernal Horde. From four rewards: Equipment Loot, Superior Equipment, Materials or Gold.

Diablo 4 – Infernal Legions (Source: Blizzard)

For the bravest

Obviously, Infernal Hordes is shaping up to be a pretty big challenge in the endgame, but for those looking for a little more challenge, It will be possible to increase the difficulty of this rogue-lite mode. To do this, the player will have to summon the Infernal Compass (which will be looted from the end-game boss or by completing the new Season 5 quest) as well as a new type of parchment, called the Abyssal. There are a total of 8 compass levels, gradually increasing the number of waves from 5 to 10! Naturally, in this advanced configuration, the enemies are more powerful and the final loot is of better quality. As a reminder, Diablo 4 Season 5 will be available to everyone on August 6. If you're in a hurry, from June 25 to July 2, you can experience it all via the “PTR” test servers, accessible from your Battle.net account on PC.

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