La troisième femme la plus riche du monde s

Mackenzie Scott, ex-wife of Jeff Bezos, donated $2.74 billion to charity

The amount is allocated to associations and artistic groups that combat racial discrimination.

MacKenzie Scott, the ex-wife of Amazon founder and world’s richest man Jeff Bezos, announced on Tuesday a $2.74 billion donation to 286 organizations, including art and anti-racism groups.

On top of a fortune that Forbes estimates at $60 billion, MacKenzie Scott, 51, has pledged to donate half of his fortune to charity, largely from the economic fallout from his divorce with Jeff Bezos.

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“Disproportionate wealth”

In March, she married Dan Jewett, a science teacher at Lakeside Private School in Seattle, northwestern United States. “Dan and I and a whole bunch of scientists, administrators, and consultants try to donate a fortune made possible by the systems that need to be changed.Mackenzie Scott writes in an article published on the Medium platform. “We are led by the humble conviction that it would be better for unequal wealth not to be concentrated in the hands of a few.She continues, noting that the money could be better used by the organizations she intends to donate to.

Prior to this announcement, McKenzie Scott had already provided more than $6 billion, highlighting the need to help those most affected by the economic impact of the pandemic and reduce the unequal distribution of wealth. The list of organizations that will benefit from the philanthropist’s recent donation includes the Apollo Theater in New York, a US Children’s Defense Fund (Children’s Defense Fund), and university departments in California, among others. in Florida, Texas and Illinois, as well as social justice groups (Race Forward, Borealis Philanthropy).

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