Lynn Casmeyer in conversation with SWR Sport after the Paralympics - SWR Sport

Lynn Casmeyer in conversation with SWR Sport after the Paralympics – SWR Sport

Lynn Casmir has stood on the Paralympics podium five times. But who is behind the surprise of 15 years with a medal? A conversation with SWR Sport gives insight into the (not quite) normalcy of a teen.

€75,000Lynne Casimir will get this money for her achievements in the 2022 Paralympics. She can use it to sweeten everyday life, waste money and do things that 15-year-olds do. But this does not suit her. “I haven’t looked into it yet,” she says, adding, “I think I’ll be saved.” Kazmaier comes across as humble and reasonable. In any case, repayment is made only after one year in monthly installments. Travel is also very common. New Zealand, Australia or the Rocky Mountains in Colorado – the list is long. The main thing is in nature and in the fresh air, because this is where the native of Nürtingen feels especially comfortable.

And so the schoolgirl also loves to spend her free time outside, riding a unicycle, hiking or composing music. She prefers playing hit songs from the 70’s to the 90’s on guitar or ukulele. Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” is one of those great pieces of art. A dedicated Paralympic playlist provided musical entertainment in Beijing. Here too, the 15-year-old has remained true to her taste in music. Above all, the classics of pop and rock accompanied them during the games. Lynne Casimir relaxed on ABBA sounds ahead of tournament days, which may be lengthy.

Long days with a happy ending

Breakfast – walk – then go to competition. Check the road – warm up – and go. After the competition, there were media events, a flower party and, if necessary, doping control. Finally, departure – physical therapy and finally dinner. The grand finale was the award ceremony. How does the 15-year-old deal with all this? “I don’t know, you have your daily routine there,” she replied with a laugh. Linn Kazmaier loves sports, you can feel that at every point of the conversation. “It would be more stressful for Lynn if she couldn’t do it or she wasn’t allowed to do it,” her father adds.

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The northern skater was rewarded for her efforts with a total of five medals. Accordingly, she and her companion Florian Baumann were celebrated upon their arrival at Frankfurt airport: “I was greeted with La-Ola banners, banners and printed T-shirts,” Kazmayr says. “We’ve been shouting a little too,” her father adds, laughing. No wonder, because there was every reason to be happy. Since her first Paralympics, Casmayer has emerged as Germany’s most successful female athlete.

Paralympics: Lynne Casmayer and mentor Florian Baumann celebrate one of their medals.

Image Alliance / dpa

“All the games were a special event for me.”

This little sensation also came as a surprise to Casmir. “It was a huge success for me to be involved,” she says. You weren’t expecting things to go so well. Len Kazmayr was able to celebrate twice a silver medal in biathlon, a silver and a bronze medal in cross-country skiing and the victory of the Paralympic Games at a distance of 7.5 kilometers. Special moments that were hard to believe at first: “You have an image of Simone Schimps or other Olympic champions in your head and then suddenly find yourself at the top. It’s surreal,” she says in an interview with SWR Sport.

Focus on the Paralympics 2026

Now she is one of them in a way. When we talk about her favorite school subject, the average teen comes up again: “Vacations!” Lynn responds brilliantly. However, the high school student is on the right track academically. “This year I will be satisfied if the report is not good,” she admits. Not good, this – usually Kazmaier – is deeply stacked. The last school report in January showed an average score of 1.5.

Len Casmir also wants to start in sports: the World Cup will begin at the end of September, and in 2026 she wants to attack again at the Paralympic Games in Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo. Then she is 19 years old.

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