Luna Rossa sees the best chance to beat New Zealand

Luna Rossa sees the best chance to beat New Zealand

Luna Rossa still sees his strength in light winds as an area to exploit against New Zealand in the Copa America.

As always, the comparative speeds of the two boats remain a staple of coverage in The Match, the series’ top 13 as of March 6.

The Italians feel they can gain an advantage at the low end, something they put to good use to beat the humble British team 7-1 in the Prada Cup final.

Duncan Johnstone of Stuff’s and Todd Niall review the Prada Cup score, listening to Jimmy Spithill and Sir Ben Ainslie

This has always been Britain’s Achilles heel and Team New Zealand have been working hard to make big gains in this division over the past couple of months.

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When New Zealand and Luna Rossa tied at the Regatta World Championships in December, the Kiwis won both races, winning big in keeping the winds in, but only slipping home in the weakest of circumstances when the two teams occasionally drop their card.

Both boats seem to be better rays in all directions now that endless development continues, and it will be interesting to see if the differences in wind ranges are impressive.

“We’re hoping to do some regattas in low-light conditions and see how the boats behave,” Luna Rossa captain Max Serena said of the looming row with Team New Zealand.

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Previously, Italian coach Vasco Vascoto spoke of the Italians under 10’s advantage. He kept feeling this, although he believes that after sailing in strong winds, they could have been more competitive.

A few months ago I was about to say: We win on certain conditions. Now, I think Luna Rossa has no weaknesses, only strengths. We are good at fighting in water, starts, turns and if the wind is light it is better.” printing press Media attention turned to the match.

Tommaso Chevy, who was a tactician with Italian Moro di Venezia who won the 1992 series in San Diego, also feels confident in Luna Rossa if the cup match is played in light conditions.

“I would say there can be crossovers between 11 and 12 knots, with a Russian color being that intense and New Zealand preferred above,” OA Sports In Italy.

“It depends on the results seen at Christmas, the world may have changed in those two months.

“In my opinion, the Luna Rossa is the most competitive boat ever in light winds. I think everyone is trying to improve to make sure the race is not too dependent on the weather. But I think it will remain a small crossover.”

Luna Rossa and the New Zealand national team renew their rivalry in the Copa America.

Ricky Wilson/Staff

Luna Rossa and the New Zealand national team renew their rivalry in the Copa America.

With new chips and sails, Team New Zealand has certainly shown good speed in light conditions during training over the past few weeks, indicating that they have made significant improvements in this vital area.

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Sirena promises an overhaul to win the Prada Cup as they strive for more speed. They also have new gear coming aboard the Luna Rossa for the final.

“We have to keep pushing and improving.” “We have to analyze the mistakes we’ve made in the last eight races, because we’ve made mistakes, and we know (Team New Zealand) will be quick,” Serena said.

“They were quick in December and in the match we think they will be faster.

“But we have improved our boat a lot and I think the biggest improvement was in terms of the handling of the boat, the communication and how we steered the boat.

Jimmy [Spithill] and Francesco [Bruni] It’s getting better and better and we need to improve every department [again].

“It is all about the boat, from the components and sails to the way of sailing. Of course, we will put a lot in the beginning and then we will see.”

Sir Ben Ainsley has expressed his anger at the British team’s press conference following their victory over the Prada Cup.

Now that the winning contender has been determined, bookmakers still see New Zealand’s favorite team.

New Zealand Tap has New Zealand at $1.57 to win with Luna Rossa at $2.30.

European bookmakers offer similar odds, ranging from €1.60 to €1.65 for New Zealand, with Luna Rossa around €2.25.

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