Louis Vuitton enters the fray

Louis Vuitton enters the fray

Since September 8, France has lived to the rhythm of the oval ball. A golden opportunity for luxury houses to highlight their expertise and, in the process, seize the opportunity to create a global buzz. Let’s not forget that Louis Vuitton, before it became the luxury giant we know, started out as a trunk maker. So the house naturally designed the official trophy case that protects and transports the legendary Webb Ellis Trophy throughout this international competition. It will be awarded to the winning team on October 28 at the Stade de France. This exceptional piece is handcrafted by artisans from the historic box makers’ workshops in Asnières, and is covered in the famous Monogram canvas.

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While the two front panels are decorated with the letter V – to represent both Victoire and Vuitton – in blue, white and red, reflecting the competition colors. A symbolic number in world rugby representing the number of players in a team, the number XV appears in Roman letters on a plaque. This box is part of the long history of Louis Vuitton, which regularly designs bespoke objects for the most symbolic trophies in the world of sports. Such as during the FIFA World Cup, the NBA Championship or the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco.


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At the same time, the house unveiled a project in collaboration with Dan Carter, a rugby legend. Together they imagined a Vestiaire box. “For the 2023 Rugby World Cup, we wanted to create something really special. This Vestiaire box contains all the extraordinary memories of my career as a professional rugby player and celebrates the art of travel designed by Louis Vuitton,” says the legendary player.

Dan Carter, a long-time Louis Vuitton ambassador, worked closely with the artisans in the house’s workshops in Asnières. The interior of the trunk, lined with microfiber and technical fabric inspired by sportswear, collects some of the most treasured items and accessories from his illustrious career. Including three Rugby Player of the Year awards, three World Cup medals, his 100th try, and three shirts worn during World Cup finals. But also his pairs of crampons, worn during the World Cup, several copies of his book “The Art of Winning” and the rugby ball that Dan Carter created in collaboration with Louis Vuitton in 2019. Five drawers of the trunk are lined with microfiber and have white leather handles. A large drawer is outlined with woven cotton bands, a nod to Louis Vuitton’s iconic boxes, such as the linen secretary. The box’s wooden frame is covered in the iconic black and silver Monogram pattern that evokes the colors of the New Zealand All Blacks national team. While the exterior is decorated with logos referring to Dan Carter’s career. The rating DC10 refers to his player number and 1598 to the total number of points he has scored in international rugby. Considered the greatest full-back of all time, the athlete is the leading run-scorer in rugby Test matches and has been crowned Player of the Year three times by the International Rugby Board. Before ending his career, he played three seasons with Racing Club Métro in Paris.

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