interview.  Toulouse Stadium: New Zealander Owen Franks, World Cup joker, is “honored to compete” in the top 14 for Toulouse

interview. Toulouse Stadium: New Zealander Owen Franks, World Cup joker, is “honored to compete” in the top 14 for Toulouse

The team brought Owen Franks, a double champion in New Zealand, with the “honor of the dispute” at the Top 14, a champion who had a “toujours suivi” and a new one in Toulouse in the name of the Joker Coupe. From the world.

How did you join Stade Toulouse?

I kept in touch with Jerome (Caino, former All Black at Toulouse, editor’s note), who messaged me to see if I was interested. I did not hesitate for a second (…) I have always followed French rugby closely, especially the party stages. I’ve always watched the top 14 to see what I can get from distance. Today I have an amazing opportunity, as I approach the end of my career, to live this experience from within and continue learning. It is a great honor to compete in this competition.

Do we still have a lot to learn at 35 years old after 108 All Blacks caps and two world titles (2011 and 2015)?

I’ve always learned through playing and observing, through contact with players I admire and who I’ve been able to work with and that doesn’t change no matter how old I am. We’re never done learning about Scrum. We rely on some basic principles, but we can always improve. I feel proud to be at a club like Toulouse with this track record.

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What does Toulouse Stadium represent to you?

A certain culture of winning and we understand why better from within. They have their own methods and style of play and they stick to it. I have the feeling that it is a demanding club, focused on excellence. The only one that comes close to those that I’ve been able to play is Crusaders. There are some common points.

I arrived only three weeks ago. What is your first impression?

Everyone here has a passion for rugby, it’s great. I was really welcomed. The environment and weather are pleasant. Five-star menus are served to us every day in the canteen. From a rugby point of view, I’m impressed by the size of the players up front. Especially the second lines, which are slightly larger than in New Zealand. So I expect it to be very physical, which I don’t mind.

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Is the Joker’s role in the World Cup special?

I’m only here for a few months. My family will be joining me next week, I can’t wait. I have traveled a lot in recent years and it has been especially difficult for my wife and children. I will try to make up for them once my career is over. The opportunity was too good, I couldn’t pass it up. It’s also a great experience for my family. Few New Zealand children have the opportunity to live in France, especially in the south. They will learn a lot.

Where will you be on September 8 for the opening World Cup match between France and the All Blacks?

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In front of the TV, I think. It’s great to try it from here. It’s an interesting World Cup, with four or five teams capable of winning it. I played my first World Cup (in 2011) on home soil and I know how important that is. The whole country will be behind France. I can’t wait to try this as a supporter.

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