Looking forward to the FIFA World Cup in Qatar

Looking forward to the FIFA World Cup in Qatar

A German combination with Spain, Japan, Costa Rica or New Zealand is possible, says Hohenloehrers interviewed. Photo: dpa Photo: Christian Charisius

The World Cup award for Qatar has not been without controversy. For several reasons. Thus, for the first time, there will be a world championship in the winter. Now that the groups have been identified, the Hohenloehr newspaper has shifted. In any case, the interest in gaming is there. The German national team is expected to have a good chance of surviving the group stage.

Thilo Baier, player coach and head of the SG Sindringen / Ernsbach state league club division:

Looking forward to the FIFA World Cup in Qatar

Thilo Baier Photo: Marc Schmerbeck Photo: Schmerbeck, Marc

It is difficult to assess all this now. But it’s actually an attainable group for Germany, which is likely the runner-up. I’m curious to see if there will be a feel for the World Cup in the winter. But I’m the type to watch every match if possible. I am looking forward to the colorful games as well as the 1B teams. Let’s see who emerges from the underdog as a potential title contender.

While it’s unusual for a World Cup to be held in the winter, it can be nice entertainment in the quieter and darker months. Who knows if there won’t be another closure, and we are happy to be able to watch football on TV. I see Germany as well as the usual suspects as the candidates. For me, France has the most breadth in the line-up. Otherwise, I don’t see any outstanding team in any way who is the clear contender for the title.

Victor Diebert, player and coach of TSG Heringen:

Looking forward to the FIFA World Cup in Qatar

Viktor Deibert Photo: Marc Schmerbeck Photo: Schmerbeck, Marc

Germany should be able to beat Costa Rica or New Zealand. You have to be careful against Japan and it will be interesting against Spain. But the combination is possible for Germany. I will also watch the games in the winter. Even if it’s a pity you can’t do it in a beer garden. I prefer it. But I will have fun this way and am sure I will keep watching with friends.

Now that Italy is not there, Spain is my favourite. I loved the way they performed in the European Championships. I’m not sure if Germany has the right players to win the title. I miss the horns, especially in the back – except for Manuel Neuer. When Germany became world champion, the guys were there.

Marc Hofakker, Vice President of Football at TSV Biedelbach:

Looking forward to the FIFA World Cup in Qatar

Marc Hofacker Photo: private Photo: private

I don’t think much about the Winter World Cup in Qatar. Money rules the world. It is incomprehensible to me that such a championship would be given to such a country. I’m excited to see what it will be like when the World Cup takes place in the winter. It’s definitely not bad either. We did well with the group. It could have been worse. Spain is obviously a plate, but when Germany gets into championship mode, anything is possible.

Second place in the group should definitely be possible. Since Hansi Flick was the national coach, it was fun to watch the matches again. This is no longer the case under Jogi Lw. If we can avoid France or Brazil for as long as possible, anything is possible.

But it’s also clear that if you want to be a world champion, you have to be able to beat everyone else. Usually in previous tournaments we tried to raise something. If we have a new building ready by then we might be able to throw a World Cup party there.

Steffen Dzieciuch, Head of Basketball at TSV Kupferzell:

Looking forward to the FIFA World Cup in Qatar

Steffen Dzieciuch Photo: Marc Schmerbeck Photo: Schmerbeck, Marc

I was interested in football. But now money is very important. It’s just work. I cannot live in a world where there is increasing talk of sustainability and then give a tournament like this to a country where women do not have rights and where human rights are not respected. There is a lot of hypocrisy for me. Footballers have the most reach and can do a lot of good.

All I can say about the lottery is that if you want to be world champion, you have to be able to beat everyone and put yourself well in the group stage. Germany has this claim.

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