“Living Bach” will be shown in cinemas on November 30 at the Leipziger Zeitung

“Living Bach” will be shown in cinemas on November 30 at the Leipziger Zeitung

Leipzig celebrates the 300th anniversary of Bach in Leipzig this year. In 1723, the former court marshal from Köthen arrived in Leipzig to take up the post of Thomaskantor. The anniversary is an occasion for several special projects. This also includes a film that shows how vibrant Bach culture is around the world and how popular the composer is everywhere. “Living Bach” is the name of Anna Schmidt’s film. Bach’s friends have to wait another month for the film to be released in cinemas.

The cinematic release of Anna Schmidt’s remarkable documentary “Living Bach” has been announced for November 30.

There is hardly any musician that connects people around the world more than the world-famous German composer Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) with his unmistakable melodies. In “Living Bach,” the Leipzig director embarks on a special journey, tracking the “Bach” phenomenon. At the heart of the film are Bach fans from all over the world who have a common goal: to sing at the Bach Festival in Leipzig.

There are more than 300 Bach choirs and orchestras worldwide, bringing together singers, music lovers and amateur musicians from a wide range of cultures, religions and realities of life. Whether they are from Japan, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Paraguay, USA or Switzerland, they all have one great passion in common: Johann Sebastian Bach and his works. Their life is closely connected with the music of the world-famous German composer.

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“Living Bach” follows these enthusiasts, who travel the world, revealing extraordinary, exciting and life-changing connections to Bach’s unparalleled art and accompanying them on the way to the world’s largest gathering of the Bach family – the Leipzig Bach Festival.

And also to the Director of the Leipzig Bach Festival, Professor Dr. Michael Moll, “Living Bach” is a special project: “I am very excited about the documentary “Living Bach” by Anna Schmidt, which I am sure is a very emotional film. The enthusiasm for Bach’s works, which can be found all over the world, is truly an undying love. Its limits and depth.Anna captured them from Japan to Paraguay, from Australia to Malaysia and South Africa to the American provinces, where she portrayed magical heroes.

And of course I am very happy that our Bach Festival’s initiative to unite the people of planet Earth every year at the Leipzig Bach Festival under the slogan “Live Bach – We are Family” has, in a sense, given “Live Bach” the film’s motto. . amazing!”

Anna Schmidt’s “Living Bach” is a schmidtFilm production in co-production with Departures Film and Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR), in collaboration with ARTE and with support from the Mitteldeutsche Medienförder (MDM), the German Film Fund (DFFF) and the Saxony State Agency for Children. Special Broadcasting and New Media (SLM).

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