Livestream platform for a global audience

Livestream platform for a global audience

The Ticketmaster GmbHIn 2020, one of the leading ticketing companies for online and paid live events launched a new and global live broadcasting platform.

Ticketmaster explains that more and more artists, bands, music stars, cultural festivals and trade fairs are bringing their events to the Internet. The company continues “live broadcasts, online concerts and exclusive live sessions on demand gaining more and more viewers on local screens in Germany since the second half of 2020 at the latest”.

According to Ticketmaster, there weren’t as many virtual event tickets and live broadcasts sold out like last year. “In 2020, Ticketmaster solidified its market leadership as the largest provider of live broadcast tickets in Germany and the world,” the company confirms. For Niall Horan’s exclusive concert in London at the start of November 2020, more than 125,000 live broadcast tickets were sold in over 150 countries around the world – thousands of fans in Germany alone had seen their broadcast tickets exclusively at Ticketmaster / Universe secured.

According to Ticketmaster, Sam Smith’s appearance was one of many successful broadcasts in 2020. Photo: Ticketmaster GmbH

Stream concerts by Dua Lipa, Megan Thai Stallion, Mika, Glass Anime, Elle Goulding, RBD, Biffy Clyro, Dermot Kennedy, IDLES, Melanie C, James Bay, Kaiser Chiefs, Andrea Bocelli , And Culture Club, and Liam Gallagher, also hit Blossoms or Sam Smith. Ticketmaster confirms: “In general, Ticketmaster all over the world More when 800,000 Tickets about Live broadcast events sold out in 2020. ‘

In Germany alone, Ticketmaster says it has sold more than 25,000 tickets for more than 40 events – from Subway to Sally to the large musical gathering “Musicalstars Unplugged” by Stage Entertainment. Ticketmaster gives an overview: “Broadcast events are here to stay: In Spring 2021, online events are scheduled from RY X, Luca Hänni, Beatrice Egli, Mark Seibert (The Sound of Music) and Ralf Zacherl. This too. Court Weil Festival in Dessau It starts around the end of February. “

Ticketmaster launches global live streaming platform

Due to the huge success of broadcast concerts last year, Ticketmaster is launching the new product ‘Ticketmaster Livestream’. This should be a central platform for artists to sell streams with local marketing expertise across the globe. To this end, the Artist Service International and US Music teams are collaborating with the new “Global Music” team to oversee Ticketmaster Livestream worldwide. Led by David Marcus (EVP Global Music) and Sam Isles (SVP Artist Services), as well as music experts at Ticketmaster around the world, the best ticketing solutions will be provided for broadcast events.

Sebastian Kalisz, Director of Sales and Marketing at Ticketmaster Germany, confirms the following: “We are very pleased that our customers have trusted Ticketmaster as a partner in their live broadcasts. What is even greater is the joy of taking the topic to the next level in the world with our local team under the direction of David and Sam. “

In Germany and around the world, Ticketmaster is said to be # 1 for premium online and live streaming events.

In Germany and around the world, Ticketmaster is said to have been the # 1 for premium online and live streaming events. Photo: Ticketmaster GmbH

Via the new live streaming platform

The new streaming ticket platform is in more than ten languages ​​and is expected to support around 135 currencies. In the past, according to the company, tickets for virtual events were sold to fans in more than 180 countries via “Ticketmaster Livestream”. The service aims to provide artists with a simple opportunity to communicate with their fans around the world without geographic, time, or capacity restrictions, and to sell broadcast tickets globally via a central provider.

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EVP Global Music’s David Marcus explains: “The speed with which the artists turned out is almost as impressive as the willingness of fans to pay for this access. The cool thing about virtual shows is global. Shows in London or Los Angeles sell tickets to audiences in New Zealand, Spain or Singapore. The way artists communicate is a revolution.Nothing can replace the live experience, but virtual shows represent a new form of entertainment with their own benefits and will certainly be staged for years to come. ” (Stadionwelt, 02/17/2021)

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