Live broadcast - vaccination: "Doubt can kill, doubt still kills," warns Olivier Veran

Live broadcast – vaccination: “Doubt can kill, doubt still kills,” warns Olivier Veran


“The priority is to vaccinate people who have not been vaccinated and in particular to vaccinate those over 60 who have not been vaccinated (…) It is the priority at the beginning of September” because “France is behind the schedule. Compared to the vaccination of large European countries”, he emphasized Jean-François Delfraissy, President of the Scientific Council of Europe 1. “It is not inconceivable that we are heading towards recalling a larger population of the world,” he said, but “the priority is elsewhere” in the face of this stimulant dose.

He also insisted on the need to address the “socially disadvantaged population”, denouncing the difficulty of accessing a vaccine “despite all that has been done since early July”.

And remember that through vaccination, “we can protect against the dangerous form, but we can get infected and infect others,” before adding: “We estimate that we have 50% protection against infection and not 90% against severe or dangerous forms. Vaccination is not,” he said. The situation is completely.” He estimated that the immunity of the population today rises to about 80%, but this rate is not sufficient against the delta variant, at the “higher level of transmission”.

He added that the risk of the emergence of a “superior factor” resistant to vaccines coming from the countries of the south is possible, stressing that this epidemic will not be solved except in cooperation with these countries. “It deserves very careful monitoring,” he said. “In the short term I don’t think so, in the medium term we can’t eliminate it because in 2022 we will end up with a world divided in two: the 50 richest countries in the world. A good vaccination rate (…) and what It is called the countries of the south.

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