Little Archie’s hat has been a hit on Instagram

Little Archie’s hat has been a hit on Instagram

The New Zealand company that made Meghan and Harry’s headdresses is now overwhelmed with orders.

For the New Year, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle revealed a video on Instagram in which they recall many memories of 2019. Among the images that make up this short film is one that made Internet users especially fall in love. This is a photo of little Archie in his father’s arms in front of a lake in Canada, where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex spent the Christmas holiday. The almost eight-month-old baby is wearing a gray hat with pompoms, which caught the attention of fans of the royal family.

The wool headbands Harry and Meghan wore their baby in in this photo were so popular that just two days after the photo was posted, the New Zealand-based social company that made them has now folded under orders from wanting parents. They provide the same to their children.

‘Orders have exploded’

“It was a complete surprise, and very exciting,” he said. guardian Becky Smith, founder of social enterprise Make Give Live, which donates a hat to charity for every hat purchased. As the British newspaper explains, thousands of requests have been submitted from volunteers who make these woolen clothes in libraries and cafes across the country.

“It’s gotten crazy, and orders have exploded,” Becky Smith continued. But there will be a delay (in deliveries, editor’s note). Our knitting groups are formed above all else to form a community and maintain the mental health (of its members), so we don’t want to stress They have to knit a lot of hats in a week. “Making hats takes time (…), and we want to keep it fun.”

This isn’t the first time one of Archie’s little outfits has caused a stir on Instagram. The blue and white striped outfit that Meghan and Harry’s son wore during their meeting with Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu last September quickly sparked a storm at H&M after photos of the interview were published.

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