Kate Middleton’s daughter was showered with gifts

Kate Middleton’s daughter was showered with gifts

On the occasion of the birth of little Charlotte, the happy parents received gifts, some as expensive as others.

Tony Abbott, Australian Prime Minister, also presented the royal newborn with a “merino wool blanket bearing the emblems of the Kangaroo nation: hand-stitched golden acacia.”

Its creation required more than 200 hours of work, according to the Daily Mail.

The politician is also said to have donated $10,000 to the Healesville Sanctuary in Australia, for the conservation of endangered mountain dwarf opossums.

“I hope one day the princess can visit Australia and wear an opossum herself,” he says.

The same story is with New Zealand, whose Prime Minister, John Key, confirmed that it offered a selection of woolen children’s supplies and fur teddy bears, manufactured by the New Zealand company Stansborough.

For her part, Nicola Sturgeon, Prime Minister of Scotland, gave Kate Middleton’s daughter a tartan hat, “a fabric that carries the symbolic patterns of her nation.”

She will also donate $25,000 to childcare charities, a cause the Duchess of Cambridge champions.

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