List.  Did Thomas Pesquet photograph your city or area from space?

List. Did Thomas Pesquet photograph your city or area from space?

The French astronaut, completing his mission on the International Space Station, regularly takes pictures of France. Here they are collected on the same map.

Bay of Morbihan, Marseille, Monts de Cantal, Paris … As we return to Earth this Tuesday, Thomas Pesquet returns with a beautiful commemorative album. In fact, during his two stays on the International Space Station, the astronaut took many beautiful pictures of Earth seen from space, and they collected On his Flickr account.

Did you immortalize your city or region during these two missions? The map below collects and published all the images of France taken by Thomas Pesquet from the International Space Station On his Flickr account. Click on the blue dots to view the photos.

Earth’s fragility visible from space

Far from the beauty of France, Thomas Pesquet saw from his window on the International Space Station “the fragility of the Earth, an oasis with limited resources, the harmful effects of human activities, the pollution of rivers, the pollution of the atmosphere.”

“We saw entire regions burning, Canada, California covered in a cloud of smoke, flames that we saw with the naked eye at an altitude of 400 km, the same in southern France, Greece and the Mediterranean basin,” Emmanuel Macron said during an exchange on Thursday. He described the “sad spectacle of tropical storms following one another”.

For the astronaut, as COP26 tries to find solutions to curb global warming, “these weather phenomena are accelerating in an alarming way.” He himself claims to have seen an evolution since his first space mission in 2016.

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