Hackers hack console, it's the first step to custom firmware and hacking - Nerd4.life

Hackers hack console, it’s the first step to custom firmware and hacking – Nerd4.life

the group hacker Fail0verflow, already known for breaching PS3 security measures in 2010, posted a tweet to show that it had found a file root key from PS5accompanied by the messageSomeone else fought the sandIn fact, the PS5 was hacked, since root keys are the first step in creating a custom firmware, and thus the homebrew/pirate scene.

The discovery was confirmed in a subsequent tweet, where fail0verflow He claimed to have all the same PS5 root keys, which can be obtained directly from the software with a little patience.

PS5 is punctured

However, discovering root keys doesn’t mean PS5’s security has already been compromised, because there’s still a long way to go. However, hackers will now be able to decrypt encrypted files, including firmware, and be able to reverse engineer them, looking for flaws to exploit to run their code on the console. According to fail0verflow, it will not be easy for Sony to close the hole that opened with an extension system update. We’ll see how Japanese multinationals will react.

Meanwhile, hacker Andy Nguyen posted a tweet in which he showed that he is able to activate PS5 debugging functions from a retail device. However, he made it clear that he did not intend to explain the system that was able to do this, so don’t go and ask him.

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