Lime’s new e-scooter solves a known problem

Lime’s new e-scooter solves a known problem

E-scooter manufacturer Lime has introduced a new model that stands out significantly from previous models. Drivers no longer have to stand, they can simply sit. The company aims to be more inclusive.

Lime: An e-scooter with a seat provided

In times when sustainability and urban mobility are becoming increasingly important to many people, Lime presents the fourth generation of its e-scooter. This is now available in San Francisco and Chicago. Highlight: It provides a seat. Lime says it wants to attract a new target group. Seniors and people with limited mobility should benefit from e-scooters with a seat.

In addition to the padded seat, the new scooter offers other innovations. So there is one Open storage compartmentThis, according to Lime, increases its suitability for daily use. The larger wheels and lower running board are intended to increase stability and thus safety of the electric scooter. The batteries are replaceable, but exact performance data has not yet been provided.

There is a storage compartment under the seat. (Image source: Lime)

Lime plans to launch the new e-scooter in additional cities in the United States of America, as well as in Australia and New Zealand. The beginning in Europe However, the company has not yet announced. It is not known if and when the new electric scooters will also be seen on German roads.

Regardless of whether you’re standing or sitting, these e-scooter rules apply to everyone:

E-scooters in Germany: what is allowed?

Lime: E-scooters with seat are well received

Pilot projects in Nashville and Chicago have shown that seated electric scooters are particularly popular among older drivers, but also among women and people with limited mobility. It attracted 33 percent of first-time users. Overall, the new e-scooter makes the concept of micromobility much easier and more convenient (Source: Lime).

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