"Life with Cristiano Ronaldo? There is one thing I miss"

“Life with Cristiano Ronaldo? There is one thing I miss”

George Rodriguez She said to herself in a long interview with El Pais. After meeting with Cristiano Ronaldo The life of the beautiful Spaniard has radically changed. However, there is something to 27enne Missing …“Do you miss anything from your previous life?”Rodriguez asked. And the latter answered honestly: “The only thing I miss is going out quietly, without people around you getting to know you and asking you for a selfie”. In any case, it is not a problem that Georgina lives surrounded by her bodyguards all the time. “They make my life easier. They do their job very well and respect my spaces”, has been explained.

Talk about Cristiano Ronaldo

Then Georgina Rodriguez indulged in important confessions about her Cristiano Ronaldo. “He is a very handsome and perfect man. The best football player in the world. He is very good financially because he has a head and he has done excellent work”, He clarified before defining it At home, we never talk about football. “Football has never interested me. I started following him because I care about what my partner is doing, but I am not a fan of football and the truth is that at home we don’t talk about football because I have no idea”, Rodriguez said, explaining that she and CR7 mainly discuss children’s education, travel and life projects together.

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