LG 65G4 TV test: OLED still on top and brighter

LG 65G4 TV test: OLED still on top and brighter

As usual, the sub-pixel image shows the typical horizontal layout of an LG display with additional red, green, blue and white pixels meant to boost brightness. We also highlight the Vanta Black anti-reflection filter, which has been integrated since last year into the G3.

LG has been offering perfect calibration for several years on its OLED models, and the G4 is no exception. Filmmaker mode (the most faithful mode) displays perfect colorimetry with a delta E of barely 1.6, below the 3 threshold above which we can see drifts with the naked eye. Color temperature is also excellent, averaging 6635K, which is very close to the expected reference (6500K).

Gamma is also quite stable, around 2.4, so gray is reproduced correctly on the screen. If we were to object a little, we would notice that the light gray colors were overexposed. Of course, the blacks are very deep, as always in OLED panels, and we benefit from infinite contrasts thanks to the self-emitting pixels.

Viewing angles are very good on the Oled models, and we measured a brightness loss of only 8-15%. QD-Oled is also slightly better, if only by a hair (as a reminder, Mini-Led and LCD are less efficient and can lose up to 60% of brightness). Here you can watch TV from the side without disturbance.

This year, LG relies on the new α11 AI 4K processor, which is supposed to ensure greater fluidity and better image processing. In fact, at LG as with the competition, it's hard to pinpoint anything about it, but we have nothing to complain about about the G4, and it's just as smooth.

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