Lewis Burton: The goal for me is to qualify for (...)

Lewis Burton: The goal for me is to qualify for (…)

One month before the start of the Guyader Bermudes 1000 Race, a 1,200-mile individual race of Brest
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On the 8th of May, Bureau captain Vallée is riven with impatience. “As if I had fallen off my horse during Transat Jacques Fabre
Transat Jacques Fabre
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After disassembling last November, I’m ready to get back in the saddle…” echoes Malwin who was able to upgrade his mount during long winter work. This Thursday, April 7, it’s a IMOCA
Optimum who finds his element!

Louis Burton is a fierce competitor, remember he gave it all at the recent Vendée Globe 2020, bravely withstood the blows of fate, to finish in the land of the Vendée in 3And Position in the general classification. this enthusiast Speed
# Speed
And high technologies have wasted no time in setting themselves a great project: to get only IMOCA
With the current circular arch, Sam Manuard Design, with Bureau Vallée still by its side, has been a loyal partner for over ten years.

Improve the boat and improve the working environment

An infinite optimist, 36-year-old Malwin takes advantage of these long winter months to polish and improve his mountain.

“We’ve worked a lot on the ergonomics of the boat, in particular with the adapted bucket seat to see the future when I’m on standby in the cockpit, and the streamlined bed with foam between the chart table and the amenities.”

Ergonomics and safety also with the new autopilot system, the sails repaired with small onions, the innovative rudder system and of course a new mast … A challenge: to adapt to the fervor of his boat.

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It’s regatta time!

Louis Burton and his team will tackle an event-rich season: the Guaider Bermuda 1000, Fendi Arctic – Les Sables Dolon, Davey Azimut and then La ram road
ram road
– Destination Guadeloupe next November.

“I can’t wait to be alone in the first race of the season, the Bermuda Guaidar 1000. It’s going to be a baptism of fire! The goal for me is to qualify for the ram road
ram road
. My next program is clear. Sail as solo as possible to get to know my boat better and better so that I will be ready on the 6th of November.”

Full of positive vibes after visiting 12 schools across France in the past two months, Louis Burton affirms his desire to share his experience, conveying to the younger ones “When you want, anything is possible”. A balance between life as an offshore sailor, father and storyteller of the passions that drive and empower Lewis to give it all in 2022…

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